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April 25th 2006

Sorry about the delay again, folks , I've spent the last couple of weeks just trying to get healthy after writing off my car in the wee hours of the morning; funny thing was , I wasn't even drunk, but suffered something similar to what can only be described as an epileptic seizure . . . but that's a story for another day . . .

The time off has given me an excellent opportunity to immerse myself completely in other worlds. I'm currently sloughing through John Saul's The God Project. Dean Koontz's Life Expectancy; The Crooked Letter by local Adelaide science-fiction genius Sean Williams; The House by Bentley Little (stay tuned for some interesting insights into that one at HorrorScope , Ghost Beyond Earth by WA author G.M Hague , I've been perusing this guys books on bookstore shelves for years and had no idea he was Australian; hope I get to meet him at a convention one day . . . Jarka Ruus by Terry Brooks and The Communion Letters , a compilation of abduction experiences from people the world over put together by none other than Whitley Strieber and his wife Anne.

Speaking of conventions, I'll be attending Conflux in our nation's capital from June 9th to the 11th (I think). This is where net-working plays such an important role; I'll finally be able to meet some of my fellow editors at HorrorScope and perhaps flog Meridian around while I'm at it. HorrorScope has just won a Ditmar award in the category of fanzine, with my boss Shane Jiraya Cummings taking out best fan writer. Congratulations, dude! And thanks for mentioning us all in your acceptance speech. It is inspiring to watch HorrorScope grow locally and internationally. For those interested the award ceremonies took place at Conjure in Sydney. From what I've read and the photo's I've seen the advent went off without a hitch . . .

For my reviewing duties, I've been heavily ensconced in both Interzone and Apex Science Fiction and Horror digest; please check out the review I did for Apex , although it was delayed, I'm quite proud of that one.

On the home front regarding work, I'm just putting the final touches on my novella Terrica , that's the one about a gang of serial killers who use cars to slaughter people (I got the idea from a dream, believe it or not). The Devil's Playing clocked in at about 8,000 words and I just have to print that out properly before I start submitting it. After I'm happy with the final editorial touches on those I'll properly push myself to get Davey Ribbon off the launch pad. Then, in between drafts, the world of Olearia and the character of Meridian will be explored in full. Ahh, the life of a struggling writer, always fucking in-between something. J

So . . . drop me a line if you have the time. Or better yet, send me a cheque cause I sure as shit haven't made it yet . . .

Matthew Tait.

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