Sunday, October 18, 2009

I have now decided to take the stories from Ghosts in a Desert World off the site. Originally, I had intended these to be for free as tasters of what one can expect from my fiction; however, I do not have any money and need to eat so I should never have resorted to such terms. After transferring them to a PDF format, I will sell Ghosts in a Desert World as an e-book with over seven tales more and one novella not detailed on the fiction page of this site. It will eventually be a chunky tome - value for anybody's money in anybody's language. Stories over four years old will be omitted -

On a personal note: the writings going well. I'm managing the god-like figure of 1,500 words a day. Little bits here, little bits there , it all counts.

I will be appearing on the website:

The Writing Show [] for 'The fourteen days of Halloween' reading from Ghosts in a Desert World as a download. The readings will have added sound effects, much like the radio shows of old and feature members of 'The Australian Horror Writers Association' (please just google these sites, as my links page isn't working)

Be sure to check it out, guys. Luv you all,

Matthew Tait

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