Monday, October 19, 2009

I've given Shane Jiriaya Cummings (managing editor of HorrorScope; Shadow Box messiah, talented writer and all round nice guy), Meridian in its entirety in PDF format. Initially I was just going to send the prologue. However, considering I'll see him in Canberra next year at Conflux, I thought it prudent to send the whole thing as the first volume is only two-hundred pages and we'll be able to discuss it face to face.

Is it publishable?

I'm not sure , but I think its one hell of an accomplishment for only my third effort. (Not including aborted attempts) Olearia and The Hope of Kinfold really flesh the story out and bring it up nearly nine hundred pages; I hope he can reserve the harshest criticism until after he's read the conclusion.

I feel excited about a project I'll be working on with my younger brother Tom. He's a gifted artist with a creative mind just waiting to be sculpted. After drawing some initial pictures of Meridian following a brainstorming session at his house, I was impressed enough with his illustrations to put up the notion of a total collaboration involving not only illustrations but ideas. The Result? Davey Ribbon , a haunting, surreal tale borrowing elements of small town milieu and myth in the tradition of King and movies like The Blair Witch Project. It was conceived by Tom from one of his illustrations (a really cool one), that just begged to be converted into a story. If I can pull this off and it's publishable, I'll have to share half the goddamn royalties with him , that, and call it Davey Ribbon by Matthew Tait and Tom Tait. Or , and this is funny: Matthew and Tom Tait.

I saw King Kong today (with Tom, incidentally); and am slightly, just slightly disappointment because there were so many reviews that built it up. All in all an awesome film, however , the dinosaurs were the monumental achievement and highlight, not Kong. Go figure.

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