Tuesday, October 20, 2009

January 10th 2007!

I have to up-grade this part of the site to a blog format (not unlike HorrorScope) and everybody else's friggin journals. This site might be off-line for a while after the 19th while I string some dollars together to keep it up. It's been such a positive year so far; I've already made a story sale to Afterburn Sf, and I received a cool little cheque for $10.00 US which is roughly just over $11.00 Australian. It honestly doesn't get any better than receiving money for the sweat you pour into this crazy thang called writing dark fiction. Life is good, ladies and gentleman , I've grown so much spiritually over the past couple of months. Hopefully the new blog format will be up soon -

2007 ... sounds cool, futuristic and fat with potential - don't you think?

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