Wednesday, October 21, 2009

March 20th 2007

In a bid to consolidate and streamline dark fiction news in Australia, Brimstone Press and the Australian Horror Writers Association have formed a collaborative partnership.

As a result, HorrorScope
will now be the official news source for the AHWA. The AHWA's hard-working News Editor Talie Helene retains her role in the merger, and will bring her enthusiasm for genre reportage to HorrorScope as resident news editor. Talie will continue to post AHWA news items on HorrorScope, as well as occasional reviews and other items.

The AHWA news page will soon be phased out, but the AHWA site will still continue to feature information valuable to Australian dark fiction writers, such as the article archive, member forums, and entry rules for the AHWA short story and flash fiction competition and the Australian Shadows Award.

With Talie at the helm of the AHWA News, dark fiction authors, editors, and publishers can be assured that their media releases and news items will be aired on HorrorScope without bias. Instead of posting news items directly on the AHWA website, interested parties are encouraged to email their news directly to Talie.

Other dark fiction sites and newsfeeds such as 
Horror On the Vine will remain unaffected by the change, although it is hoped the HorrorScope/AHWA merger will streamline the syndication of Australian dark fiction news elsewhere.

For the latest dark fiction news and reviews, LiveJournal users can subscribe to the HorrorScope syndication feed by clicking here.

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