Monday, October 19, 2009

March 3rd 2006

Hello world , long time no see!!!

Life , what a precarious business! It can offer you all kinds of joys and substance, but it can also offer you a Cimmerian darkness of the soul where nothing exists but your own tortured reflection staring back at you; an eternal mirror where depression is the master and sole arbiter of all your emotions.

And I've been there, ladies and gentlemen. As I suspect we all have. Yet, being a creative individual, I've also suffered the nuances of depression at an everyday level . . . so, when the big one comes: that seismic earthquake of a spell that only happens once every millennia but which must happen, when that big one comes we almost fall off of life's shelf. It was certainly touch and go there for a while. Touch and go. And of course I won't tell the tale (well, perhaps in some memoir in the future when I'm famous)! Let's hope that part forever stays in the abyss where it belongs.

So . . . I'm back from the netherworld and will be posting here regularly from now on.

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