Friday, October 23, 2009

Monday May the 14th 2007

Not many personal entries here of late. I'm pleased to announce that my story Soft Tissue will be appearing in next year's fusion of dark art and flash fiction 'Black Box'. That's the sequel to 'Shadow Box'. I'm really looking forward to it; should be published January 2008 , because I know the stories this time around are going to be a lot darker. Also, the digital side of things will definitely be amped up notch, I reckon.  

The Ditmar nominations came through and I was stoked that this year I've been nominated for best fan writer - I'm in the company of some very cool people. Although my input into HorrorScope hasn't been as prolific, I think the quality of the one's I have put up surpass those earlier reviews.  

For this years AHWA competition I've entered a very stripped down and raw version of TERRICA. Hope it's not too gratuitous for the judges. I sometimes hate pouring over my own work but TERRICA is a story I can just read over again and again. It's just so - Matthew Tait , if such a thing exists -

Finally, I'll be interviewing author Steven Savile soon for HorrorScope. It was supposed to take place in April but things just got on top of me. I'm glad, actually , because I can now refine the questions and talk about everything and anything. Also gives me a chance to re-read TEMPLE (of which my name appears on the back cover). The review was quite lengthy but a small smidgen got taken out by Apex maestro Jason Sizemore for publication.

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