Sunday, October 18, 2009

November 22, 2005

I guess a few things have occurred since my last entry: I've obtained the dreaded 9-5 job at a place in the city . . . the writing suffers terribly, and with little time left for HorrorScope . . .

TERRICA is going though phase draft two, while the new scenes in DARK MERIDIAN are done and just waited to be corrected. Once that's a reality , and it's transformed into PDF format - the light of the world can shine on the novel all it wants. Started writing flash pieces to get into the groove of reviewing Shane and Angela's SHADOW BOX multi-media extravaganza. It promises to be one hell of an escape party; already I'm in thrall with the amount of work Shane contributes, and this adds to his overall resume impressively.

On the HorrorScope front: you can find some thoughts I've put up regarding The Amityville films entitled THE AMYITIVLLE APOCRAPHYA , it's more like a take on the whole book, legend, and everything in between. Also a review for SAW 2 (it promised to be good, and Christ it didn't let down)! And I finally completed the second part of SHADOWED REALMS take; I felt pretty supercilious with my observations, so that's probably a good sign . . . (sorry about links not being up, its this fucking American web-site server).

I have to update all the little blurbs in the GHOSTS IN A DESERT WORLD SECTION; there's a lot more stories to harp on about there , but it seems such a trivial thing, and that's why it's taking so long. In fact, this whole fucking site needs one goddamn makeover, but unless I get more letters that people are coming here, there doesn't seem to be any point.

Currently, I'm reading OLYMPOS by Dan Simmons; it's the sequel to ILIUM. Nothing but good stuff there. Hell, it might be a revisionist take on Rodger Zelany's LORD OF LIGHT but its still rocks anyway. Also, THE HOUSE by grand master Bentley Little . . . just happy horror fun there, kids. Musically, there's still INSTITUTE (of course) and the new JIMMY EAT WORLD ep to get through. Wish I could've fucking seen them in Melbourne.


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