Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 25 2006

A Few kind words from Shane Cummings concerning HorrorScope. He was interviwed in the Asif! Forum:

The same applies for projects like HorrorScope. In those dark days before HorrorScope and ASif existed, reviews of Australian short fiction were as rare as hen's teeth. After promoting Shadowed Realms in the US via the web and gaining some reviews over there, I realised how few reviews venues like Shadowed Realms were getting in Australia. A fortnight later, HorrorScope was born and continues to flourish.

As a project, I consider HorrorScope an unequivocal success. It far exceeded my expectations both in terms of committed reviews (Miranda, Matt, Mark, Andrew, Stephanie, and AD are just brilliant) and review quality, and also scope. Because of the work done by Miranda and others, we're now reviewing most of the world's pro spec fic publications and bringing an international audience to an Australian website. That to me is changing the culture.

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