Monday, March 8, 2010

News: Mick Garris releases debut novel

Mick Garris, the spearhead behind many of Stephen King's television projects, will be releasing his own tale of fiction in late 2005 entitled Development Hell. The novel - an insider's view into Hollywood movie-making mechanisms , has already received a slew of reviews from noteworthy colleagues such as Frank Darabont and even Stephen himself. Clive Barker, author of dark tinsel-city tale Coldheart Canyon, has this to say about it:

"You want to see
Hollywood's dark side? Read Mick Garris' Development Hell. Garris has earned the right to tell this story from years of working in the creative salt mines of Tinsel Town. He finally gets to show us the way it looks from the inside, and it isn't pretty. This is a sharp, funny and chilling book; an unflinching report from the ego-haunted wasteland behind the face lifts and million-dollar smiles."

For those not familiar with Garris, he has been instrumental in bringing the true scope of King's fiction to the screen. Not content with a mere two hours to subject an audience to the myriad of characters and situations one usually encounters in a King epic, Garris has instead fashioned The Stand, The Shining, and the forthcoming Desperation into large scale television mini-series. Although some of these have not met with the best reviews, most fans agree it's refreshing to see the works stretched to mirror the original novel format.

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