Monday, March 8, 2010

Review: Urban Legends 3: Bloody Mary

The third installment in the Urban Legends series makes the other two appear almost regal. The first one offered us an Aussie director who emulated the Scream franchise and did a pretty good job; part two saw the quality dwindle a bit, but the magic was still there -

Welcome to part three: Bloody Mary.

Just how the studios provide the money for these atrocities is beyond me - I could tell, just from listening to the dialogue, that the script was beyond awful. There's a cheap quality to it that makes itself apparent immediately: camera angles look contrived and like something that your family might have filmed. Worse still are the vain attempts at trying to reconcile it with references to films such as Clive Barker's Candyman. By the half-hour mark, my partner was milling around the phone and trying not to look bored. It's a pity - because the premise offers a plethora of plot-strands potential moments -

There will be no detailing of the story, here. Even if you were a fan of the first two, please avoid this disaster - it will only taint your perception of the original

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