Sunday, April 4, 2010

Different Masks

My Blurb on the Back!!

I'll be attending the 48th Australian Science Fiction Convention (Natcon) held in Adelaide and beginning June 5th and running the entire long weekend. What can I say? It's shaping up to be a blast. A lot of cool book launches seem to be happening, a lot of great panels and a lot of great people - and all held right here on my home turf.  

It comes at a pivotal time. Remember a few posts ago I ruminated I needed a Sean Williams fix and The Grand Conjunction was being released? Well, said book arrived in my mail last week and I was flabbergasted to see the review I did for HorrorScope on the inside sleeve. Also there was a smidgen of it on the back. Natcon will be special because Sean himself will be there (of course), and I'll also get to see him do a spot of DJ at the ball thingy on Saturday night. My review of The Grand Conjunction will be up on HorrorScope by then so hopefully we can chat about that.

And is it good? Well, it's mind-bending to say the least.

In other related writing news, Shane Jiraya Cummings referred to some of my work as 'raw and powerful'. But unfortunately it didn't get reviewed .. 

Anyways, hope to see some of my fellow HorrorScoper's and everyone else at the Natcon .. 

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