Sunday, April 4, 2010

Different Masks

Tuesday 14th April 2009

It astounds me how a medical show like HOUSE really captures the imaginations of people in creative realms - those ensconced mainly in horror and Sc/Fi, it seems. Actually, it could just be it appeals to those with fantastic intellects, and I'd like to think the people involved in working and writing in said genre's have that in abundance. 

Well, I wish -

A person would think the quality would dwindle over the years, but somehow the writers (in my opinion) have managed to keep it savvy and fresh, with some of the best episodes just aired. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for LOST, although there are many out there that would disagree with me. Believe me, I tried to hang onto this wondrous show with the same vehemence as SK, but it ultimately drifted away -

Regarding the great god Stephen, it will never, ever cease to amaze me how much work this one man industry can put out. I deliberate on this issue for hours during the dark watches of the night. What is the secret? Many moons ago I thought it was pure passion; I had that in abundance but still couldn't muster his work ethic. Then I figured it was drinking alcohol (because it's no secret now that it was certainly his secret in the eighties), or so he claimed. But although that helped temporarily and produced some marvellous short-story visions, it ultimately gets ugly and in the way of life. Financial success? The time this gives you? Perhaps no success and the motivational spur? Smoking? Having a wife for support (which I don't), kids? Blah, blah, blah -

Whatever the case, none of it matters. What does is that I'm still chugging out words every day. Whether it be seven words or three thousand, at least they're there. And on some of those days, the magic works so well that it's this reality that seems like the lie -

A blurb recently emerged of his new up and coming Under the Dome, and it sounds like the premise for the Simpson’s movie. Still, can't wait.

Another I can't for is Kevin Anderson's TERRA INCOGNITA: The Edge of the World. Here's you're plug, Kevin. A writer who works as hard as you deserves it. And deserves to be read widely, too, of course.

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