Sunday, April 4, 2010

Different Masks

Supernatural was quite entertaining the other night, and got me thinking.

Thinking about vocations and life - the person I am. The episode, in particular, was about the brothers taking up yuppie jobs in an Office Space atmosphere. The 9-5 hum drum. And they weren't aware of their true identities. A bit like Adam Lavas in Dark Meridian, really. J 

In real life, when I see successful yuppies walking down the street, I'm sometimes jealous, sometimes repulsed. It's not who I am - (and yet everybody thought I was a yuppie at school). And I'm also studying to be an IT consultant. But there is a certainly an element of me that finds it attractive: I mean, they obviously get laid more often -

And yet when I heard Dean call individuals like this 'ass clowns in monkey suits' I laughed hysterically. I sometimes feel guilty about spending most of my free time immersed in the Cimmerian world of midnight; a landscape of horrors and fantastical wonders. But would I really prefer spending it in some 9-5 nowhereland of fake smiles and pretentious banality? No-siree. I wouldn't. It's not who those characters are. And it's not who I am. 

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