Sunday, April 4, 2010

Different Masks

Monday March 02, 2009

Things change so quickly in the world of publishing fantastic fiction. Not two days passed before Kevin Anderson informs me of a title change to Jessica of Dune. Now called THE WINDS OF DUNE , it took a while to sink in but now that it has I think it's wholly appropriate - and moves away from Frank's work just a little bit more. Why do I think this is a good thing? At the beginning I would not have dared write such blasphemy. But as the years progressed I've changed my tune. Just knowing more about the industry has broadened my horizons. You also have to consider the fact that Kevin Anderson and Brian Herbert have contributed more words to the mythology. They have their own mythology now. I know - its sacrilege to a lot of people out there. But I couldn't care less anymore. There's a part of my temporal lobe that actually enjoys their stories more. I guess that makes me stupid. The video game generation or something. J (Even though I don't play them).

Great news: The upcoming Natcon Conjecture convention being held here in Adelaide looks like it's going ahead. This is awesome, and I'm sure as shit going to be there. Not many guests as yet, but that's not the reason I'm looking forward to this. Hanging out with talented Aussie authors and illustrators (including Sean Williams) and just being a geek on my own turf is reason enough. That, the drinking and networking.

Turns out Terry Brooks is releasing a new Landover novel. Here's the cover:

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