Sunday, April 4, 2010

Different Masks

When you surround yourself with Darkness on such a scale, it's sometimes entirely healthy to balance out the equation with laughter. (Although that's not entirely correct, it's true that horror has been prevalent in my celluloid entertainment, but I've become too much of a Sci-Fi nut over the past year to accurately call myself a horror/dark fantasy aficionado.) But the comedy must still come, and as a human being I don't know what I'd do without at least two doses of The Simpson's a day -

Over the weekend I watched the entire Summer Heights High DVD, that's the Australian mockumentary with Chris Lilley. Like Kath and Kim, it's utterly scary because that's how school used to be for me; there were fuckwits like the characters he plays everywhere. Suffice to say I watched it laughing my ass off but feeling utterly embarrassed at the same time.

The Chasers War on Everything should be back soon, I hope. That's just so my sense of humour - enough so I wrote a few of my own sketches for dumb fun that could probably find a niche with the gang. Headcases is pretty cool also. Actually, there's just too damn many to mention here ...

Reading: Chimaera by Ian Irvine.

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