Sunday, April 4, 2010

Different Masks

Thursday March 05, 2009

I re-read about three quarters of Steve King's Cell today - although it's a great book, it just doesn't shout out like some of the others. I forget scenes almost as fast as I read them; this doesn't happen with most of his work: Needful Things, for example, showcased lingering memories that I'm going to have until the day I die. Still, who can really fault a grandmaster? The book is brilliant for the average constant reader - let's leave it at that.

I went out to a counter meal at a pub yesterday with my good mate Johnny. (Do American's use the word 'Pub')? They're great things - almost better than a 4 star meal. Lot's of cute girls hanging around. If I go out for anything I go out for them. As a man, you try to pretend you're not staring. But you are; you can't help yourself. A woman's beauty is everything -

Back to writing, I guess. I'm still working on The Reborning story about life-like babies ...

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