Sunday, April 4, 2010

Different Masks

I miss Kurt Cobain. I really do. Not personally, of course. But I sometimes weep for those albums that could've been produced had the dude not put a bullet in his head. And a solo album that would've taken place about now in his career -

Sorry. I don't mean to sound negative, but I'm in a maudlin mood. You're probably thinking: Well, listening to Nirvana will do that too you. Well, I beg to differ. If it wasn't for Nirvana's music I'd probably be in the grave with him by now -

Currently reading: War in Heaven by David Zindell. (Well, re-reading)

Would someone tell this dude to get a website? He had one for a while, I think, but it's long since vanished. There's a couple of fan one's, I think, but that's all.

Back to music: I worry about the state of rock n roll when women are in charge: All they ever do is sing about their relationships; men are everything to them, and they rarely think about anything else. Hooning along in my automobile today, I heard the latest lyrics from Kelly Clarkson: My Life, would suck - without you. They're probably the worst lyrics I've ever heard for a chorus - and I've been a muso and guitar player since ... well, forever. I kind of know what I'm talking about.

Evanescence seemed to change this; here was a chick that could rock. She sang about philosophy, being depressed, and all kinds of shit. And then their second album came about, and, shock of all horrors, it was about her boyfriend. Lead singer of Seether. (Which is a fucking great band). Ahhgg - sorry dudes, I'm just venting.

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