Sunday, April 4, 2010

Different Masks

I love the idea that people once thought that the world was flat, or that there was an edge to the world. It was limitless, eternal. A kind of supernatural dominion - not a restricted sphere full of boundaries, territories, and unimaginative laws.

Modern existence can be kind of monotonous and lacklustre.

My imagination can sometimes be feverish, longing for hidden realities and revelations …

It hit me today how much I miss Sean Williams work. I desperately need a Sean Williams fix, so it couldn't be more appropriate timing that the last book in his Astropolis series is coming out. Tentatively titled The Grand Conjunction. Expect a very detailed review of that on HorrorScope.

A friend of mine bought me a crime novel by Stuart McBride called Blind Eye. Now, this is where things get interesting because, well - I usually can't stand such a hard-boiled genre. But I've given it a go, and -well, I think I'm just becoming more mature in the head; more adult, so to speak, because I'm really enjoying it.

So much more to say; so much stuff happening in the world of fiction. Will certainly be back soon …

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