Sunday, April 4, 2010

Different Masks

I managed to put up a couple more stories from Ghosts In a Desert World to the Blog, and there's another three to go. I've been ruminating about giving the stories a facebook page or some such, a way to garner reactions and experiment with technology for future projects and marketing stuff. We'll see -

I also started a Shaun Hutson book last night: Relics. The bad boy of horror they call him, and I'd have to agree; he's certainly no Clive Barker. Some of the bloodshed makes Laymon's stuff look tame. I've kind of gone off of that stuff as I've matured but sometimes - just sometimes a person just needs that schlock horror to appease the slasher in him.

 They're attractive because they're so short and brutal. I'll probably finish it tomorrow, that's 269 pages in two days!!

I got a Facebook invite from Sean Williams to attend the Fringe Wordfire do on the ninth where he'll be doing a reading. Fingers crossed I can afford to go. Man, if I didn't live alone and could share my rent I could be going to these things every week!

I suppose I must go now because Two and a Half Men is on - the perfect balm that soothes a weekday. Almost, but not quite, as good as The Simpson's ... 

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