Sunday, April 4, 2010

Different Masks

Friday April 3rd 2009

I know it's a little boring to crap on about Clive Barker all the time, but last night I finished reading SACRAMENT for the third time. It's obvious there is a reason others stick out of the crowd on such an epic scale - because we go back to these books when others just aren't cutting it.
I wept a little at the end, when the message blossoms out of the madness: a character is ruminating that she must remember the glories she's witnessing (the way the world really is) when unhappy times show up in the future. Because it's not that those glories aren't there - they're just hidden from sight.

It's a thought that's entered my cranium countless times over the years: and I love that optimistic side of me. It's just a pity I sometimes forget those glories ever existed, and have a very hard time recalling even snippets of them.

But its books like SACRAMENT that make us remember. Everything looks a little brighter afterward, the world a more magical place. Staring at the moon afterward, drinking coffee, I saw the clouds passing over it's globular face and felt a rush of wonder that my senses were perceiving it exactly as it wanted to be seen.

Wonder that wouldn't have existed had Clive Barker not taught me to see it …

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