Sunday, April 4, 2010

Review: The Dust Devil's by Sean Williams

Following on from the author's previous foray into YA fiction with The Changeling, Sean Williams picks up the tale with our young hero Ros seeking redemption for misdeeds committed in the fictional world of The Broken Lands. Previously we were left in the lurch with Ros seeking Adi's clan so that he could return her ghost, a constant companion - before she is presumed dead and disappears forever. Ravaged by the desert winds and harassed by sand bandits, Ros at last comes to the cradle of Dunetown, where a hapless youth named Yury and his feeble sidekick Scarlo offer a way out for them all.

A short novel that will appeal to a broad spectrum of readership, The Dust Devils is Sean Williams tapping into the naive youngling in all of us. The villains presented here are the stuff of nightmares, and hold up to the strangest dangers being presented in fiction today. But more appealing is the landscape itself, a scarred wasteland where not only Dust Devils lay in wait for the hapless traveller. The book bristles with a faint gothic undertone reminiscent of his grandest Space Opera, yet holds down the narrative of action and magic to supersede its predecessor. 

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