Saturday, April 3, 2010

Review: House of Wax

Filmed entirely within
Australia, House of Wax seemed to garner more attention from the screen presence of Paris Hilton than anything that might constitute a decent resurrection of the 1953 original starring Vincent Price.

Billed as a 'remake' (although it certainly isn't), House of Wax opens to the usual fare that current slasher pictures are renowned for:
Six College students , all one dimensional characters , are on a two car road trip to see a football game. We have the cutesy couple and a sibling who's just been released from jail; there's the blonde bimbo with her man and only one thing on their minds. And lastly, a geek who pines after the girls and give us that much needed comic relief. After becoming stranded in the wilds and in dire need of a fan belt, the characters converge two at a time to the small, curio town where the legendary House of Wax plays host.

House of Wax was never going to be rocket-science applied to a horror film. Aside from that, there are some genuinely unnerving and grizzly scenes (one of my favorites includes being 'waxed' alive), and no individual gets off lightly. Also, there is something fundamentally frightening about life-sized waxed caricatures mimicking the postures of the living . . .

The bottom line: Definitely worth a look for screen horror aficionados.

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