Sunday, April 4, 2010

Update: September 17th 2008

Okay, so this news item section isn't actually a blog, is it? No, my profile has de-evolved into a quiet, almost semi-transparent reviewer haunting the airwaves. But this is fine. Life is full of peaks and troughs, bridges and by-ways. I figure the world has enough bloggers prattling and rattling off their thoughts into the ether to cope with already. Besides, most of the individuals in my particular dominion are already saying what I actually think, so there's no reason to go repeating it.  Let them have the glory. I guess if writing was like playing in a band I would want to be a guitarist - but with the stage presence of a drummer. Well, at least for now, anyway.

People reading this should do a couple of things. Firstly, they should go out and buy a copy of Black Box. (

It's a multi media advent filled with disturbing, ultra short stories from Australia's finest Horror Writers. Included in it is my story Soft Tissue. There's also dozens of songs and music from Australia's best Indie bands and Dark Fantasy art galleries and a short graphic novel.

Secondly, BLACK magazine (also from Brimstone Press) was released earlier this year and contains everything I've wanted from a magazine. Best of all, it's Australian, and has HorrorScope as a central-themed lift out encompassing the best reviews. The first issue was a blast. The second was mind-bending. In them, you can find reviews I did for the novels Fivefold by Nathan Burrage and Odd Hours by Dean Koontz.

I sincerely hope the future brings some financial rewards and security as I am dying to attend regular conventions, signings, and readings. Travel would be fantastic; meeting and greeting all individuals in the Horror and Dark Fantasy community would be bliss … 

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