Monday, July 7, 2014

Different Masks: A Decade in the Dark

And so, after ten long years in the reviewing business, I’ve decided to hang up my quill pen. I hope - by way of this Blog – that you have managed to find something you like ... enough so that it prompted you to seek out the author/creator responsible and purchase a copy of their story or film. Next year, HodgePodge Press has agreed to publish a polished and updated version of this Blog in its entirety. Entitled Different Masks: A Decade In the Dark the book will be a small project with the aim of continuing a legacy of support and shining the spotlight on works that have inspired and continue to inspire all of us working in the horror genre today. With this chapter closed, it will give me ample time to finish all that I have within me personally ... those stories and mythologies that have always been there, just waiting to be excavated.

Matthew Tait, July 2014.

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